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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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all. syrian rebels threaten to attack civilian planes on route to the country i mean they're being used to supply the government with weapons. backed and aerated iran's reaffirming its position in the international arena after hosting a summit of dozens of nations as the international atomic watchdog piles up pressure on the country for stepping up nuclear activities. and as israel
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builds its war rhetoric against her for a revoke at how a military muppet is helping the israeli population prepare for a reciprocal attack. hello and thank you for joining r t today with me karen taraji broadcasting to live from the heart of moscow where it's two o'clock well the rebel free syrian army are threatening to target civilian flights coming into the country the fighters claim the government is using the planes to bring in weapons from abroad including from russia while in moscow foreign minister sergei lavrov has reiterated russia is not supporting the syrian leadership but pushing for talks involving all sides are on a boy has the details one of the groups associated with different syrian army posted and notice on its facebook page saying that starting from september third
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syrian rebels are reserving the right to attack and need to believe only operate in syria and they believe that the syrian regime the syrian. so it just may be using planes just smuggle in weapons from russia iran iraq with you while russian foreign ministry officials have already commented on this latest development the deputy foreign minister it cannot be good to have said that crap like these these had to back a result of being irresponsible policy to arm syrian rebels in the time his boss was minister sergey lavrov arranging that if international players are really interested in trying to put an end to bloodshed that they should apply pressure on both sides of this conflict as the fighting rages it's just not realistic to only demand one side to capitulate it's not about ideology we're not clinging to a regime or a certain actor in the syrian conflict we're just talking here about what is
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realistic and what is not but those who are demanding the government stop fighting while at the same time urging the armed opposition to continue the battle these forces are ready to pay an extra price which will be a huge number of human lives to go abroad he also sad that when it comes to goals international goals in syria russia has absolutely no disagreement with the west russia also wants to see syria as a free democratic stable state where the main disagreement lies on the means of what shaving that ball and why they could be done through violence and armed resistance to international intervention or whether it could be done through diplomatic efforts and in chernow syrian dialogue. turkey says it will continue to push for foreign protected safe zones inside syria despite opposition from russia and china and its allies claim the intervention is needed to help refugees fleeing the conflict but syrian rebels say the move would also help then in the fight
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against president assad political analyst and freelance writer cavort omar c.n.n. is skeptical that the measure would be even aimed at protecting civilians in the first place. this is not the only money carrying case what should be done is to for us to push for a negotiation for a very look between the syrian leadership and with the opposition for example next month we have the interim opposition meeting in san dimas goes under the risk to syria so why do we seven states are not helping the syrians for a political solution where there are we going from to see. how the u.s. . and the fundamentalists in syria sided by both private ownership as though they reside out there is. this against a circular streets like syria going to work well or kind of studio expecting in the future but if syria falls in the hands of this experience. because of the syrian society will be totally collapsed and you could house and radicalization of the
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whole of the middle east iran's taken steps to change its image as an international cast over one hundred nations have all for their support over its controversial nuclear program the final declaration of the summit of nonaligned states hosted by attack on back the right for all countries to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes while the gathering was being held at the u.n. nuclear watchdog released its latest report accusing iran of increasing your reign in richmond a findings suggest the number of centrifuges at one of iran's facilities has more than double tap on has just missed the document as politically motivated so you'd mohammad marandi a professor at the university of tehran thinks it's unlikely the timing is purely coincidental. the iranians are saying that this report came out a sensitive time to sort of distract attention away from this iranian success the
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nonaligned movement. conference in tehran has been highly successful and iran being isolated the united states has become isolated scented opposed senior figures. going to tehran and many major world leaders have come to the country in addition the president of egypt came here on which is a political earthquake the iranians are producing uranium. enriched uranium at twenty percent for facilities in tehran which then produce medical isotopes for the fact that the united states and the europeans tried to prevent iran from obtaining this fuel in the past met that meant that they were taking the iranian cancer patients hostage the irony here is that the iranians at the beginning had no intention whatsoever to produce a name at twenty percent and then produce nuclear fuel but the americans and the europeans by taking iranian citizens and people hostage for sea iranians
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to take that step the politicians senior politicians really know that an attack on iran would be devastating for the united states and not only for its economy but for its global position and its credibility. despite washington clearly not favoring military confrontation with iran israel isn't ruling it out major drills simulating missile strikes in case of a war with the islamic state have been held in tel aviv and these emergency exercises are not the only way israelis are being prepared for an attack as artie's middle east correspondent paula slayer explains. this fifteen page emergency brochure is being distributed by the israeli army across the country and it puts of ah the mining on very serious and grim statistics the brush it takes about what people should do in a state of emergency it is that there is the need for a family to take the family should get together and talk about what to do if this
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country is in a state of mind at the same time if there's been anywhere between fifty fifty and three minutes is the time frame that israelis will have from the moment fire when found until there is a state of emergency care and it also doing to people to go and check that the bomb shelters up to scratch and now the pressure doesn't make any mention of any kind of any ransom but certainly it is giving some kind of agency and there have been those who've suggested that it is really to be made to fit in by israeli politicians in preparation for human flu and something we've heard that kind of great picture coming out of the israeli political elite some officials have said that we're looking at if the billion come from five hundred people in any time of what they would want to and it's raining right on the run parallel to the brochure there is an average that you might think on his radio television and it shows the way in general we sit with the israeli army officer and then trying to convince him to give this the people in an israeli attack on an enemy state presumably the ranch
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the general at that stage take a bite of the chop to pay for not sitting in front of him and he said something along the lines of let's go nuts which the israelis misinterpret to mean that you have given them that we might see this operation for the. dr paul ryan and you have those. situations that the israelis to me have been putting up there with me and it does seem as if there is something on the go we have heard some israeli politicians on record saying that a strike on iran is going to have to be official line to become the government intends on this question and when we spoke to the only one that it is nothing more than just the general public awareness campaign that people in this country need to know what to do in a state of emergency what is the i'll. still ahead on r.t. as startling discovery on the block saying. expose hundreds of thousands of summer
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tourists to dangerous chemicals plus. have you been watching not at all why not because i don't like either one of those guys america election season coming into the homestretch the president is in new york to see if anyone is even paying attention. i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community wasn't which was an upscale it was just like you know archie bunker society ok then they started showing up what happened was my company decided i could get cheap labor and they got rid of. these are all negroes in the eaglets line legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and that's just the american dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the law so i figure here's one of the trails and states.
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i watch and they run run down my property and tell you about this before you see. all these people. from the wire is protecting the country i'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind goodness paying. study show i come out here you know we're all immigrants as well that we all here from somewhere else.
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i've been going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember that we will be . in full starting here. for going global and now it's cooling my. log in. to. choose your please take your stuff and. make your statement. spread the word. like the street alone.
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would be soon which brightened. movements from phones to passions. don't come. thank you for joining our team the paralympic games in london are underway with thousands of planes to find disabilities to compete but i'm all of these sponsors as a company which is accused of leaving many physically impaired people defeated and dejected artie's laura smith has the details. the paralympics are the ultimate display of triumph over adversity a showcase for people who've overcome their disabilities and achieved something amazing but hanging over this event is a shadow cast by
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a major sponsor at office it's the firm the government's paying to assess disabled people's ability to work but it's blamed for humiliating the vulnerable and forcing people off benefits as part of the country's austerity drive by making money out of other people's misery quite literally the other many of them sponsoring the paralympics sees this i think it's really lost on them and he seems to divide people into the deserving to save and the un saving tony bradstock went through an at orsa sest moment which resulted in him losing his entire income for six months he says he was made to feel like a criminal and the process resulted in him attempting suicide. calculus your session intercession is going for the world and. this was it. because they said the choice of watch it's because you want more occupational health doctor a shade you took
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a great knowledge or more risk because i couldn't find any why i took the roof over my head. anyway i'd say he's not alone pressure groups a thirty two people died a week after being found to work by attitudes disabled people and other activists have travelled here from all over the country to raise test against tosses sponsorship of our little kids there you really see it in the admiration of the paralympics themselves but say an organization then they feel was actually ordinary disabled people should play no part in this so take it back. in a statement the company defends its practices and passes responsibility back to the government department for work and pensions which actually makes the final decision . we do not make decisions and people's benefit entanglement on welfare policy but to continue to make sure the disservice who grew wide is a highly professional and compassionate as it can be but disability activists say
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that's just passing the buck and that at all says sponsorship of the games gives it a whitewash it doesn't deserve they're trying to clean up their image by trying to sociate themselves grade school you know this is true disability and the prozac ticket saying that it's really given the other side. health problems for loans they kill like it's a bit more team g.b. athletes appeared to hide the branding on their paralympic accreditation during the opening ceremony but activists say that's not enough when at austin the government expect to cause a round hole for a million people to lose their independent living benefits in the next four years lurie smith. we've got more news on the paralympic games for you on our website r.t. dot com as was some other stories you may have missed on. insulting or devastatingly
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funny learn how a new british sitcom split the muslim audience in the u.k. . was making money the easy way learning how a talented swindler cheated billions of dollars out of trust for investors. charges won't be filed against dozens of cia officers accused of torturing two terror suspects to death at tension facilities in iraq and afghanistan the u.s. justice department officially closed its investigation so i didn't have enough evidence for a conviction alison weir from the counsel for the national interest believes the basic rules of law have been thrown out by washington. many of us feel that this is not the image that we are opposed to what went on and that there should be true justice and true pursuit of justice. which we have not seen yet the cia destroyed some of the tapes that in itself is
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a criminal action that that itself shouldn't been pursued. hopefully will be pursued something so the fact that there may be some difficulty in gathering evidence we don't know that's really the case but part of the difficulty certainly is because important evidence was destroyed there are still people in in the united states as well as around the world who are outreach to what's going. on but this has been a you know this is still of the george w. bush administration's activities being carried on by the obama administration actions as well i think they did expect that a great many liberals especially the conservatives too would be outraged at this violation of the rule of law and that's probably why this was announced as you say after you know a number of years that the announcement came the day before a major holiday in the united states labor day holiday i don't think that that coincidence is by accident here as presidential nominee mitt romney close out this
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year's republican national convention with some harsh criticism opera rock obama and his handling of foreign affairs but did americans take any notice and resident as a new york to find out. in the us republicans and democrats are holding their national conventions and here the media and politicians talk about them that the most important things going on right now so who's watching and what have they seen this week let's talk about that have you been watching why now because i don't like either one of those guys so you don't watch and you don't vote and that's that no i do but i don't like voting for the word who's who's not the worst of the two. but do you need to watch the conventions to be informed know it's all crap have you been watching it out absolutely none of it why now but i hate the republicans you know watch the
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democratic convention probably not why now i don't need to do you think there is actual information being said sad at the conventions or a say just kind of any b.s. but i think it's sort of you know sounds good on camera do you think that. conventions actually do anything you know. spend money our money our money how do you feel about that i don't like that. how do we get them to stop because you know romney is going to say leave town. the content is not so much the poor important as the outside how people perform that that's my first impression that people are choosing the heads not the i think most of europeans are through obama and that's it's that and you need to watch any of the bad never. really want to show us that i was really i mean congress or us are smarter than that that was really awful i'm sure what better way irritates me is that these people aren't too bad she's really
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think we're stupid what are they covering up well she's a very intelligent lady but i mean she's she sat there for an hour striking mitt romney so you go well you know americans smarter than that you know that way i mean america needs someone to stand up and take charge i think a little it's face it. for themselves that's it i give up on it but don't they when i mean you're not happy with the way things are going and so the solution you've chosen is to check out doesn't let me make the wind. yes. yes so it seems like most people aren't even watching but if you do decide to tune in and remember to watch it for what it is extremely calculated very expensive showmanship designed to influence the way you think whether or not that works is up to you. time now for a look at some other world news in brief for you this hour at least twelve people including ten civilians have been killed in central afghanistan by
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a suicide attack near a local military base more than fifty others were wounded first of all more on foot detonated himself apparently to clear the way for a truck which followed him exploding shortly after the taliban have already claimed responsibility for the blasts. thousands of protesters occupied the main highway leading to bahrain's capital to demand freedom and the democratic government that demonstrators held up banners and flags urging the release of jailed activists leaders the sheer majority of all which is ruled by a western backed sunni a dynasty has been torn on restaurant protests since last year. at least two people have been killed in a supermarket shootout in new jersey as an ex marine sprayed sixteen rounds of from his rifle at coworkers and then shot himself
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a gunman terence tyler left his night shift but returned shortly after with an assault rifle and a handgun to find fourteen people still inside tyler reportedly suffered from depression and had even tweeted about going on killing sprees. opposition activists have taken to the streets of mexico after enrique pena nieto was declared president following a two month legal struggle the electorial court said the outcome was correct and within legal limits runnerup lopez obrador who made claims of violations during the campaign in voting said he may not accept that decision. the future of the crimea as holiday friendly beaches is at stake due to a danger at the bottom of the black sea artie's alexei to shift ski looks at what lies beneath. locals in the crimea admit that the tourist season this year might have been better but still we're talking hundreds of thousands of stories from all
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over the world who have come here for summer holidays but none of them are aware that swimming in the sea here might actually be dangerous this summer dozens of dead dolphins washed up on crimean shores ecologists say this is down to an infection and the actions of local poachers but others have connected these deaths to something more sinister divers recently discovered these barrels containing poisonous gas which were dumped in the sea by the retreating soviet army prior to the nazi invasion of one nine hundred forty one if poisonous substances are released into the sea water the consequences could be unimaginable gas can theoretically kill everything within forty kilometers however the state ecological watchdog firmly denies this threat even exists. are divers and specialists from the interior ministry check the bottom of the sea or the board tori's tested water for poisonous substances and we found nothing. but this recently declassified documents
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suggest the opposite in two thousand and four crimea's authorities urged private colleges to check the coastline for threats that is when those containers were found former m.p. oleksandr couzin is probably the only politician in ukraine who is making comments on the issue because she says the authorities are deliberately keeping the public in the dark and usually when that cement tally carets who come in for a year or two now office and don't want this problems on their hands meanwhile more and more kids return was virus infections from crimea's summer holidays and this is definitely caused by tribal politics state of the sea water cooler says lifting those containers from the bottom of the sea is impossible they will fall apart that's why experts suggest a different solution if. there's a technology which allows to see all these containers all for seven hundred years underground succumb for gases are constructed and put above the decaying barrels
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this would solve the problem. it is hard to estimate how much this kind of operation would cost but as long as these barrels are a threat to every black sea country key of would most certainly get international aid should it appeal for help this year's tourist season has finished with no major incidents but some say that next year unless there's urgent political action the region may not be so lucky alexi russia of ski r.t. reporting from crimea in ukraine. all right to try and stay with r.t.l. be back with a recap of our top stories of that. mine
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car. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r g i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community it was a rich it was an upscale it was just. legally. going to work.


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